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Let's talk (faux) leather jackets!

By Charlee

Personalised jackets for weddings are everywhere on Pinterest and have been popular for a few years now.

It's a great way to cover up in the evening, especially for those cooler months, because lets face it - what bride doesn't look cool in a leather or denim jacket!

I painted my own leather jacket for my wedding back in 2019, there were 2 reasons I wanted to wear a personalised jacket:

  1. My wedding was in October so I wanted a cool cover up for the colder time of the year.

  2. I wanted to paint my new initials on the back for everyone to see!


Buying a personalised painted jacket can be quite expensive so here is my step by step guide to do it yourself:

What you will need:

  1. Any (faux) leather or denim jacket (I already had mine, purchased in a sale a few years ago).

  2. Chalk pen (this rubs off the leather with a little water) or a tailors chalk pen for denim. A similar pen is linked here.

  3. Leather paint or fabric paint depending on what you are painting on to (I used Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint). Click here for white leather paint.

  4. A steady hand, a stencil or a creative friend!

  5. Cotton bud and water.

How to:

  1. Search Pinterest, Instagram etc for inspiration pics.

  2. Print out a jacket outline on to paper and draw or stencil on your design to see what it will look like.

  3. Before you copy this to your jacket, I advise testing the pen on an unseen part of the jacket just to make sure you can wipe it off easily.

  4. Copy your final design onto your jacket - I only had a design for the back but you could do the front too - using the chalk pen, tailors chalk or pencil. (I already had a chalk pen but you can find them on amazon).

  5. Once happy with your design go over the pen with leather paint (on a leather jacket) or fabric paint (on a denim jacket) using a thin paintbrush. I used copper and white leather paint from amazon.

  6. Finally, once the paint has dried, use a cotton bud and water to wipe away any chalk pen that is still showing on the leather jacket.


Show off your personalised jacket on your wedding day and watch the compliments roll in!


Some of my Pinterest inspo pics:

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