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Our Top 10 Wedding Stationery Trends for 2024


Statement details are big for 2024 weddings. From retro vibes such as film wedding photography, art deco venues and 70's inspired dresses to colour schemes including tonal, bright and monochrome, every statement detail comes together to create a stunningly visual wedding. One important aspect that helps set the tone for a wedding is the stationery. In this blog, we'll explore our top 10 favourite wedding stationery trends for 2024 that are sure to capture hearts and leave a lasting impression.

Here is our list of the top 10 wedding stationery trends for 2024:


Bows are making a big entrance in the wedding stationery scene. Already popular in 2023, and taking inspo from the oversized bow trend seen on the 2024 catwalks, the addition of large bows to wedding stationery will add that modern statement you're looking for, like our new bow place names. For a more subtle look bows are being tied around the invitation, incorporated into a charming wax seal, beautifully tied around glasses during the wedding breakfast or added to place names, they are the perfect symbol of love and unity.

Retro Style:

Nostalgia takes centre stage with retro-inspired wedding stationery. Think bold colours, funky typography, and playful graphics reminiscent of bygone eras. Couples are embracing the charm of vintage design elements, infusing a sense of timeless sophistication into their invitations. Our London collection is the perfect stationery for this trend and will be perfect if you're opting for a cool city hall or art deco style wedding venue.

Retro style sage green wedding invitations

Floral Elements:

Florals are a timeless favourite in the world of weddings and work all year round. In 2024, they are evolving. For stationery expect to see more than just traditional flower motifs. Couples are opting for intricate, hand-painted florals, pressed flowers, or even 3D floral embellishments for a touch of whimsy and natural beauty. Think envelope liners, floral patterns printed on vellum, wax seals with dried flowers and even personalised birth flower elements. Both our Palermo and Florence collections are perfect for this trend, with their beautiful floral vellum jackets to watercolour style foliage.

Pearls for Wedding Decor:

Pearls are making their way into wedding stationery for 2024. We are seeing big trends of pearl encrusted wedding cakes and veils, so why not carry this through to your stationery? From pearl-studded borders on invitations to delicate pearl accents on place cards to pearlescent coloured wax seals or envelopes, this trend not only adds a touch of timeless luxury and sophistication to the entire wedding suite, but a little bit of fun too.

Destination Weddings:

With more couples opting for exotic locations for their nuptials, destination-themed stationery is on the rise. Think blue and white colour schemes, tropical motifs, passport-inspired designs, bright colours and maps highlighting the chosen destination. This trend not only sets the tone for a travel-inspired celebration but also serves as a delightful preview of the exciting adventure awaiting guests. Our Palermo collection matches this trend with its blue and white colours, deckle edges, textures and vellum. It will be perfect for a beach wedding or a grand mansion in a sunny destination.


As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, so do weddings. Sustainable wedding stationery is on the rise, with couples opting for recycled or seeded paper, eco-friendly inks, and minimalist designs. We are also seeing a rise in wedding websites where couples are choosing one page save the dates or wedding invites and having all other details and rsvp options on the website. Incorporating sustainability into wedding stationery not only reflects a couple's values but also contributes to a greener, more responsible celebration.

Wavy Shapes:

Say goodbye to straight lines and welcome to the fluidity of wavy shapes. From invitations to envelope flaps to welcome signs, the use of soft, organic curves adds a contemporary and artistic touch to wedding stationery. This trend has been big in 2023 and is set to continue for 2024. Wavy shapes are perfect for couples seeking a modern and dynamic aesthetic. Our new Miami collection will be perfect for this trend with its wavy borders and edges, arch shaped RSVP and fun typography.

on trend monochrome wavy shaped wedding invites


With bridesmaid fashion taking a bold turn towards black dresses, wedding stationery is following suit. Monochrome palettes, create a chic, luxurious and sophisticated look, perfect for venues that are modern or industrial. Whether it's invitations, seating plans, or place cards, this trend complements the modern and elegant vibe creating a blank canvas to add pops of colour with bouquets and accessories.

Custom Illustrations:

Couples are opting for personalised touches in their wedding stationery through custom illustrations. These illustrations can be the couple's wedding venue, the couple themselves or even adorable illustrations of the couple's pets, like our personalised pet menus and dessert bar signs. This bespoke approach adds a unique and sentimental element to the stationery suite and with more couples incorporating their pets into their wedding day, whether it's a welcome sign, place names or even having their dog as ring bearers, this trend is here to stay!


The celestial trend is definitely here to stay and set to be even bigger in 2024. From starry night backgrounds to moon and constellation motifs, celestial themes add a touch of magic and wonder to invitations and paper goods. Even better when you add gold foil and deckled edges, like our ever popular Verona collection. This trend aligns perfectly with couples seeking a romantic yet memorable vibe for their special day.


As weddings continue to evolve, so do the trends in wedding stationery. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of bows, the nostalgic charm of retro design, or the eco-conscious appeal of sustainability, there's a trend for every couple in 2024. These stationery trends not only set the tone for the wedding day but also serve as cherished keepsakes that will be remembered for years to come.

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All photos by Charlotte Wakeford Stationery

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